When trying to sell your items, have you ever worried about...

waiting forever until never sold

You posted your item, people asked,

and nobody actually bought.

price lower than acceptable

You negotiated and finally sold your item,

and you realized you sold too low.

too far to deliver

You sold your sofa chair for $5,

and 4 hours to deliver.

How Best Buyers works

1. Post your item

• Post your item onto Bonnect exactly like common sale: add photos, describe your item and click 'post'.
• In the posted item page, click 'Best Buyers' icon. Then set a starting bid price and targeting location.

2. Best Buyers finds best buyers

• Best Buyers identifies potential buyers who are actively seeking your item in last 24 hours.
• Bonnect creates personalized marketing content and delivers to them in omni-channel.
• Buyers visit your item page and bid.

3. Deliver your item and get paid

• Just take your favorite offer, deliver your item to buyer and get paid.
• You can choose hand-deliver since most trades on Bonnect take place in the same town. If you choose shipping instead, Bonnect will cover UPS Ground cost.

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