Bonnect Frequently Asked Questions

About sign up

• Can I set up an account using a commercial email address, like, and

NO commercial email address is acceptable. We only accept school email.

• The webpage says it doesn’t recognize my school email/ I have submitted registration but can’t receive my activation code. What can I do?

Please email us from your school email. We will solve this problem within one business day. Any message from non-school email can only inquire general questions.

About using Bonnect

• Is there any cost to use Bonnect, like membership fee, maintenance fee?

No. The mobile app is completely free to use. If you use the integrated payment, you will pay the service provider (which is Stripe here) service fee.

• I need to ship my item. Who will pay shipping fee?

The shipping cost is upon seller or buyer, depending on their negotiation. However, Bonnect covers UPS Ground cost for Best Buyers trade if seller chooses to ship.

• How can I contact my potential buyer(s)/seller(s)?

Please use the integrated messenger to contact your potential trade partner(s). According to our Privacy Policy, we neither make user’s contact information public nor give it to other user. However, you may exchange contact information at your own discretion.

About safety

• Where should I meet and trade with buyer(s)/seller(s)?

Please meet at some public places, like library, dining hall, gym, grocery, etc. Private place such as dormitory or apartment is highly discouraged.

• What if I find my buyer(s)/seller(s) fact is inconsistent with the information online, e.g., items, price?

We strongly recommend that you drop the trade and report to us at your convenience. We will look into issues like this.

• What if I meet an emergency?

Call 911 immediately.

About us

• Who are we?

Made for and by college students, Bonnect is an online marketplace for college students to buy/sell their items. Bonnect is dedicated to making college students' life better by helping them save every cent and earn more

• Can I join Bonnect team?

You are more than welcome to join us! Please email your interest and resume to Now we are seeking people experienced in UI/UX designing/website archetecture/developing apps.

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